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Floral Decoration For Wedding And Event Planner St Thomas Virgin Islands

By Richard Ward

The decoration is the most important thing to look at first on your list during wedding planning. This is the aspect that will determine whether or not your ceremony will have that exquisite effect on the people attending. Remember, decoration needs to showcase your theme and the style of the day. Wedding and event planner St Thomas Virgin Islands will make your ceremony beautiful and memorable.

If you are a person who wants to have a simplified occasion that is not big and contemplating on decorating your venue; you can consider using fresh flowers for your centerpiece. Flower centerpieces have always been a way for most traditional weddings. To get something that you want and that has your touch; you can use the jars you have in your house to be holders of your centerpiece. Depending on how they look, you can decorate them to be in sync with the theme of the day.

You should choose the type of flowers to use according to the meaning of the day. If you have already chosen a theme it will so easy to choose the flowers to use. For example, if the day will be English country themed, it would be ideal to use fresh countryside flowers. You can put these in cream china, vividly depicting the English theme. Depending the season, use the flowers that match.

In order to add your touch and personalize your big day; you can use flowers as a decoration of the aisle. This is regarded as the modern way of personalizing your ceremony. To decorate the aisle, you can still use the same type of flowers used for other decorations. This will help maintain the same theme and putting the emphasis. Tie small bunches to the chairs with laces. This is a smart way to show the theme and make your event beautiful and memorable. Another idea would be to put little blooms in tea-light holders and hang them on the aisle chairs.

Another great way to bring out the flowery theme is to add potted trees. These will enhance the look and depict the outdoors. The potted trees can be put in a line along the aisle. Depending on whether or not you bought the potted trees, you can always take them home after the ceremony as a keepsake.

In most occasions, people use the sugar-coated decorations for the cake. It is rare that they use flowers to decorate it. This is the best ways to bring life to your cake for a special occasion. Use fresh flowers when considering it; just a few flowers on the top and around the cake would be enough.

Depending on how your venue is built; if there is a staircase, make use of it. This can be where the cake would be. So, after decorating the cake with fresh flowers; add them right to the staircase rails. For an exquisite finish, add candles and petals on the steps leading to where the cake is. Make your event unique and feel really original without indulgences.

To give a full botanical look on your day, you may add a bit of fruit to the flowers. This implies to the table decorations. The best fruit that gives a cascading effect is grapes. Add them to the vases with flowers and allow them to show their dropping effect and their beautiful color. This becomes that last touch that your theme needed to be complete.

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