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Why Website Design Companies May Benefit From The Raspberry Pi

By Arthur Williams

Anyone that knows the Raspberry Pi can attest to the potential that this mini-computer has. Not only is it relatively affordable but, in the right hands, it's capable of running many programs and applications. With that said, it's important to understand how it can be used for website development purposes. Here is how the Raspberry Pi will be able to help the top web design companies in your area and abroad.

When it comes to the Raspberry Pi, installation is essential. The reason for this - and the top web design companies in the world will realize this - is that the Pi doesn't come pre-installed with the apps and programs you need. You have to set it up yourself, but the challenge of doing so can be alleviated by going online and looking up tutorials that you can follow. This makes the process easier, as supported by names along the lines of Lounge Lizard will attest.

It's worth noting that while the Raspberry Pi can be used for web design, there are a few limitations to consider first. After all, due to its smaller size, it doesn't have the same capabilities of a traditional computer. Keep in mind that since the RAM is limited, you won't be able to have many apps open at once. Furthermore, if you try to keep multiple tabs open, performance may slow down. This is why you should experiment with the Pi before considering overclocking the device in question.

While it may not seem like it on the surface, the Raspberry Pi performs well from a feature standpoint as well. The features in question include, but aren't limited to, an HDMI and multiple USB ports. What this means is that you can use a mouse and keyboard to carry out even the most basic of web design efforts. The HDMI port is handy as well, since it allows you to hook up your Pi to any display. This will make developing websites that much easier.

As you can see, the Raspberry Pi has tremendous capabilities when it comes to web design. The ability to create websites is nothing short of invaluable, particularly in the digital age we live in today, but many people don't realize that there are different tools that can be used for this purpose. The Raspberry Pi is just one example, but you have to be willing to learn its ins and outs. It's a relatively affordable device, too, meaning that it won't be expensive to educate yourself.

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