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What To Know the Canine Hot Spots & Electromagnetic Treatment

By Robin Setser

When a dog is exposed to a pest, undergoes poor grooming, or suffers some other skin-related trauma, they may develop hot spots. These are nothing short of uncomfortable and if left untreated, they can lead to problems down the road. It's not like you're without help, though, as methods like electromagnetic therapy for dogs may be able to help. Before we get to this, though, here is what you should know about hot spots.

When it comes to hot spots, skin irritation is the main cause. What this means is that if your dog goes outside and gets into some poison ivy, not only will they find themselves itchy but the aforementioned hot spots may occur as well. These can also arise if your dog has a run-in with a tick or bug that bites. Knowing potential causes is imperative for pet owners, as stressed by companies like Assisi Animal Health.

Which dogs are most at risk of developing hot spots, you may wonder? More often than not, these are the longhaired breeds, as they have more fur and, therefore, seem to be at greater risk of suffering irritation. These breeds include, but aren't limited to, Bearded Collies and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Knowing what your breed is, as well as implementing the right style of grooming, will only reduce the risk of hotspots.

After you have seen a hot spot, don't fear. You will be able to bring your pet to the veterinarian to see what they recommend. As far as treatment methods are concerned, PEMF treatment for dogs is among the most unique. With its use of electromagnetic waves, your dog will feel relief in no time, not to mention experience quickened healing. For concerned pet owners, this is a topic worth bringing to your vet's attention.

This isn't the only treatment method available, as your veterinary specialist may provide other means of healing. Antibiotics are common since they work with the body in order to cleanse it. Depending on your pet's situation, you may have to change their diet so that additional nutrients are added. Furthermore, if it's a matter of grooming, more careful bathing may be required. These are just a few ways to not only treat hot spots but prevent future cases as well.

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