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Tips For Purchasing Boom Trucks

By Jerry Keys

When buying any industrial machine, due care needs to be taken because these vehicles are normally so expensive that you cannot afford to be careless. Buying a secondhand industrial vehicle can help you increase your fleet if you do not have the cash for a new one. However, you need to be meticulous when buying used boom trucks for sale.

It is for fear of losing money that many buyers prefer dealerships. However, whether you buy from a dealer or an individual, the most important factor is that the vehicle be in good condition. The tips below will guide through the process so that you find a truck that ca serve your needs efficiently.

Know what you need the truck for. If you take a vehicle designed for aerial lifts and use it for digging, you will most likely damage it because its power specification does not meet that kind of job. Manufacturers are very specific on what each model is designed to do. However, some models are designed for a variety of functions. Before purchasing, confirm whether you need a digger, a bucket truck, a cherry picker, or an aerial lift truck.

For best performance and efficiency, ensure that the vehicle is used according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Do not give it a load that is beyond the requirements as this will lead to premature worn out and damage. The vehicle might even stall before it gives you a return on investment. For that reason, ensure that you have the right weight, boom length as well as size.

Inspect the hydraulics. Heavy machines use hydraulic systems to run. Hence, when this part is damaged, the truck would not be useful. Moreover, these might be very costly repairs and it would not make economic sense to buy one and repair it on your own. Hence, you should test the machine for pressure and leaks.

Ask for past maintenance records. A well-maintained vehicle can last many more years then the manufacturer recommended. However, if it is used carelessly and there is no proper maintenance, it may only last a few years. You should ask for these records so that you have evidence that the maintenance followed regulation and you are not buying something that the previous owner mismanaged.

Ensure that all safety mechanisms are in place. As a buyer, you need to understand the OSHA standards and safety manuals so that you can know what to look out for. Some of the common requirements are non-conductive casing on the crane, vehicle outriggers, safety harnesses, safety control mechanisms, and multiple crane controls. Lack of such equipment might not stop you from purchasing the truck, but you need to know because it will drive up your cost.

Make use of auctions. You definitely would love a good discount. However, most dealers will not give a good bargain unless it is an auction. Hence, know when auctions are carried out so that you can attend.

Contract a mechanic. Once you have identified what you need and that everything is perfect. Get a mechanic to have a final look and give his/her recommendations.

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