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Tips For Home Staging New York Sellers Have Used To Advantage

By Christine Perry

With a good location and the right price, you probably expect to see multiple offers when you put your house on the market. This isn't always the case. If potential buyers have toured your home, and you haven't gotten any results, it might be time to consider some home staging New York sellers have been successful with. You don't have to put everything in storage and rent a houseful of furniture though. Rearranging what you have may be enough.

The first rule always seems to be getting rid of the clutter. This means taking down family photos and removing a lot of the memorabilia that personalizes most people's living spaces. Most experts find that homeowners tend to have too much furniture in any given room and suggest you get rid of about half of it. Your rooms will look much bigger.

Unless people have huge houses with massive rooms, they tend to arrange their furniture against room walls. According to the experts even small rooms will look bigger when furnishings are grouped away from walls. You have to be mindful of the traffic flow, but grouping is more interesting and gives buyers a better view of the whole room.

When you getting ready for an open house, you need to turn all the lights on. Switching on lamps is not enough. You need to flip on under counter and other task lights, and overhead or ambient lighting in addition to the accent lights. Most experts agree that there needs to be at least a hundred watts lighting every fifty feet.

If you have small rooms in your house, you need to make them appear as large as possible. Decluttering them will help, but you can also paint them the same color as adjacent rooms. That will trick the eye into seeing a seamless transition from one area to another. Painting a room the same color as the drapes is another way to create the illusion of space.

Even if you love vibrant colors and trendy wallpaper, potential home buyers may not. You can't assume everyone has the same taste you have. It might be difficult to let the red walls go, but painting your rooms neutral colors will give potential purchasers a better chance to imagine what they would do with the room. Accent walls are okay, but you have to keep them toned down.

If you know a few tricks of the trade, people will think you are a talented decorator. One simple tip is to group decorative objects in threes, or some other uneven number. It doesn't matter whether the objects are on table or shelves. The uneven look is much more interesting.

If you are serious about selling your house, you have to make it stand out from the competition. Artful staging is one way of doing that. If the house is priced right and in a good location, staging may all you need to push it to the forefront.

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