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The Safest Investments That Robert Jain Can Recommend

By Jason McDonald

For those that understand money, it comes as no surprise that some investments are better than others. Some may seem as unpredictable as a roll of the dice, but others tend to be reliable, meaning that the latter should have the bulk of your attention. There are many safe investments that the likes of Robert Jain can recommend to people. Here are just a few that you should think about pooling your money into.

When it comes to safe investments that matter in the long term, a savings account is a great place to begin. Not only will this build over the course of several years, but you have access to it at all times. You shouldn't take money out of it whenever you please, of course, but the fact that it's always available should provide potential investors with peace of mind. This is just one of many ways to invest, as the likes of Bob Jain can attest.

What if you have been looking for a credit card to apply for? Believe it or not, credit card rewards can fall under the umbrella of safe investment options as well. Keep in mind that when you use your credit to pay bills and carry out transactions, you benefit from the rewards that you earn, whether it's a matter of cash back, flyer miles, or what have you. What this means is that, in a roundabout way, you end up investing wisely.

Certificates of deposits, or CDs, fall under the umbrella of safe investment options as well. When you allow a bank to keep a certain amount of money, you do so with the idea that it will accumulate interest over several months, if not years. While the interest itself may not seem like much after a year, give it time. If you're patient, eventually your CD will end up becoming substantial, even to the point where you'll feel comfortable taking the money out.

Lastly, you should look into money market funds, which are mutual investments that are more short-term. The reason why people get involved in the funds in question is that they will get the most out of their investments, interest and all. Furthermore, they are quite secure, which means that they are just as safe as they are lucrative. Even though these investments aren't meant to last for too long, their payoffs are undeniable.

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