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How To Make Chocolate Fudge At Home

By Debra Hayes

Any dessert or sweet dish that contains chocolate is nothing but a delight to eat. One of the amazing sweets that kids and adults both love is the chocolate fudge. Although you can buy a lot of different varieties from the supermarket but if you prefer, you could try making some of your own.

When you make your own fudge, you can have peace of mind that you're using good quality ingredients in your recipe and there are no artificial flavors or preservatives. You could control the amount of sugar and other ingredients as well. Its a fact that all luxury brands are pretty expensive but you can make similar quality product at home without spend much.

You may follow any recipe of your choice but the most easy and preferred recipe is slow cook fudge recipe. The only ingredients you would require include chocolate, vanilla essence and condensed milk. You may find these ingredients very easily and they are not expensive at all. So, you don't have to worry about spending a lot to buy the ingredients.

If you prefer, you can add a touch of your own like, adding nuts to the fudge or any other things that you like. It is really important for you to use good quality ingredients otherwise it may not taste as nice as you wanted it to be. If low quality ingredients are used then the item will not turn out as you wanted it to be.

Use good quality chocolate but its up to you whether you want to use dark, milk or white chocolate. You could also try mixing different flavors together like white and milk or dark and milk, like you could put a think base of milk type and top it up with white type. White variety is the sweetest of them all so when you're making white fudge, you should try to use less amount of condensed milk.

The ratio of both ingredients should be according to the recipe because otherwise you will not get that sticky thick consistency that you want to see. The reason why vanilla essence is used is because when you cook the condensed milk with this ingredient it may start to give off a very strange smell therefore vanilla essence helps to neutralize that smell.

If you prefer, you can add flavors of your choice like instead of using vanilla essence you may use rose water or any other essence you like. You could give it a bit of orange flavor as orange and chocolate taste brilliant together. In a way you are free to play with flavors of your choice and make the fudge more indulgent and tasty.

You could either consume the whole batch you made on your own or pack it up nicely and give it as a present to someone. There are so many different recipes to follow and some of them are pretty simple and easy. All you have to do is to mix up the ingredients and let them simmer for a while until the mixture becomes sticky and thick. Once cooled down, it will get hard and then you can cut up pieces of your desired size.

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