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Healthy Food Diet And Cardiac Stress Test Relation

By Frank Watson

If a survey was to be conducted, and people were asked to show by hands anyone who would want to lose or maintain a certain body weight and reduce cardiac stress test results; there is no doubt most people would raise their hands. However, most hands would drop to the mention of incorporating a healthy food diet for weight loss in their lifestyle. People have a distorted view of what a healthy food diet is. Most see it as just a fruit and vegetable diet that is so difficult to maintain.

If one takes a look at the food consumed, they would realize that it is not as bad as they thought. The difference is that it emphasizes on eating right foods taking care to have right proportions at the right time.

Having a functional digestive system that processes the foods fast is very crucial. A quicker way to do it is to eat more protein and fiber foods. Fibre foods that contain whole grain ingredients help with digestion. Protein foods that are essential include fish, poultry, legumes etc. When these are being digested, the body burns more calories hence a quick way of shedding fat.

Serving proportions are very important for quicker calorie-burning results. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals and they easily fill up the stomach. The water content in fruits and vegetables makes you feel full without eating too much. This will make the digestive system to start working on the easily processed fruits and vegetables at the same time burning more calories.

For digestion to speed up, help from fiber would be ideal. Therefore, it is important to always include good carbohydrate ingredients which are also rich in fiber. These may include but not limited to whole wheat bread, brown rice, oats, barley etc.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to add more protein to all your meals. Protein promotes bodybuilding, repairing of muscles and weight loss. For those men who hit the gym to build muscles, this is the right nutrient to take. Not to sound gender biased, this also applies to the ladies who dream of having lean muscles. More focus should be taking lean meat, skinless poultry, and dairy products with low fat and sugar contents.

As mentioned above, having right proportions at the right time is very crucial in calorie burning. Make sure to always have your meals and snacks within a 3-hour interval. This way you will always be full and will not crave for nibbles that will make calorie burning difficult when consumed. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; always ensure that it has proteins which will keep you full for longer.

It is important to spread your meals throughout the day. This has been reported to have significant effects like the quick burning of calories and management of sugar levels. Snacks are as essential as the meals. These deter you from withdrawing from excessive cravings that will make calorie burning difficult. Make sure to have the meals at the correct time in order to keep your energy levels in the right place.

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