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Tasks Performed By Public Charities

By Angela Bell

Charities are well known as nonprofit bodies that are involved entirely for the well-being of the society. They solicit their funding majorly from the community and others from donations. Public Charities may perform activities that allow to raise money. The finance obtained is in cooperated to the work they do. Taxation rules have a less effect on them because their kind of work.

They exhibit philanthropy. This means that they promote the welfare of others, expressed by the generous donation of money to good action. They offer support to other entities of their kind. Churches, schools and even hospitals fall in this category. They engage in many activities that involve giving assistance to those in very need. These activities are outlines below.

Education to those who cannot be able to access. They offer training to individual at subsidized costs. For instance, computer studies to the young people to equip them with the changing technology. They plan seminars to educated those that are unemployed and empower them about the open opportunities available. This presents a chance to those who would otherwise be left out.

It is not unconventional for the nature to unleash its wrath on the earth. This is evident by the floods, hurricanes and tsunamis that have been experienced. In such an occurrence, many people are affected by these natural disasters. They therefore require assistance in obtaining shelters and food stuffs. The less fortunate like the homeless are also provides for with homes. These commodities are provided for by these nonprofit organizations such as the Red Cross.

Health is paramount to everybody. Health institutions set up research centers to investigate diseases that pose a threat such as cancer in order to come up with the cure. They create awareness regarding these ailments. At times, medical camps are set up to treat and scrutinize people of various diseases especially to the disabled. This is an action conducted to better the livelihood of the society.

Religious establishments have a task of teaching and ensuring continuity of their religion which is their main task. In addition, they may form nonprofit entities which are aimed at caring for the less fortunate. They could be the homeless and even the old. The capital to function is from donations and well- wishers. In their quest to assist the humanity, they should not be attached to any political activity.

The community at large needs to be educated on matters that are of interest to many stake holders. These include gender issues for instance those facing the most vulnerable, women and infants. To pass across important information, these establishments depend on their members. Without any relief, it is impossible to achieve their set objectives. Monetary aid is thus solicited from support groups.

In conclusion, it is evident that different categories of nonprofits exist that serve different interests of the society. They give a hand to the government in executing its services in reaching out to disaster victims, the less fortunate and giving education on important matters of the society. The major source of finance is through donations and they are used for benefit of the mission intended by each organization.

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