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An Overview On The Advantages Of Estate Planning GA

By Brian Powell

Creating an estate plan is very important to any individual without considering if one has large, medium or even small proportion of wealth. Most people tend to believe that planning should only be done by wealthy individuals. When the person who owns a particular property dies the document highlights what should be done with the assets. A lot of time is needed when preparing it so as to have well detailed ideas. This helps in avoiding an unintended people from inheriting the possessions. Discussed below are the advantages of estate planning GA.

First, it helps in reducing estate taxes. The beneficiaries will be exempted from big tax hits from the authority. In this case a lawyer is very important since will help in guiding on how the plan should be written. This can be achieved by setting up ABC trust in the plan.

Secondly, an estate plan is useful in preventing messes or feuds. A person cannot wish for cases where the family ends up fighting after they die. It is therefore good to have a comprehensive document that explains every decision that was made. The attorney in this case will provide assistance on how to allocate the assets.

Another advantage of planning is that it helps in protecting individual property. Once the owner of the assets dies the documents will provide guidelines on who will inherit the possessions. The plan allocates everything whether solid or liquid to specified beneficiaries. When this is not done, the court will intervene and helps in making the decision. Failure to do this process, there will be need to go to court which is expensive in terms of expenses and also time.

Another benefit of creating a plan is that it protects minor children. This will give direction on who will take care of the kids after the parent dies. One will have peace of mind that in case such an event occurs; the offspring will be safe and taken care of by a trusted person. In a situation where one has been divorced or separated from the individual who has died, the document will state who will be responsible for the toddlers.

Another major benefit of creating an estate plan is that it reduces funeral expenses. A person may have created a savings account to save money to cater for their burial. The family will in this case spend less during this process. The document gives details on how to find the allocated amount when the incidence occurs.

Furthermore, it also used in making future health care decisions. The document will indicate how the family should take care of health issues. The attorney will be useful in such cases so as to explain to the person planning for their wealth. In such scenario the wishes of the dead will be accomplished.

Lastly, it can be used in determining the total wealth of a person. When writing an estate plan one should indicate the property they own whether individually or joint ownership. It should include investment, cash accounts, real estates and other assets. In case one has debt, it is usually subtracted from the person's net worth.

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