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Top Tips For Using A Wedding Planning Binder To Stay Organized

By Gary Miller

Making decisions to plan an upcoming wedding is unavoidable. Even if you work with a professional event planner you will need to okay many different options and keep track of things as they are finalized. If you are doing the work yourself there will be even more information that will need to be recorded. Here are some tips that you can use to set up a wedding planning binder so that you are as organized and on track as possible.

While some brides like the idea of using a computer program or app to plan their wedding this is not always a good idea. A book is easy to bring with you to different locations and can be a great memento to look at once your big day has come and gone. If you like the idea of using an app in addition to your binder there is no reason why you cannot do so. Just make sure that you are transferring all of the information from one area to another so that you do not have different sets of information to refer back to.

While some brides want to use a generic day planner or a book that has a set number of pages this may not be a great option for planning a wedding. If you want to use your planner effectively, you may want to make sure that you can add extra pages in certain sections. This is especially true if you are planning an event that has a large guest list or if there are many different activities and events happening during your wedding celebration.

Separate sections that can be customized will be very helpful when it comes to staying organized. If you don't like the tabs or sections that come in a prefabricated planning binder you can always change the names and switch things around. You can even add in extra sections as needed so that every topic is covered. Spending a little time looking through your binder before you start using it.

Pages that feature built in pockets are also an important feature for your planner. It is common to accumulate things like contracts, business cards and receipts and being able to put them into your binder is important.

If you want to find a prefabricated planner you can find them very easily. For example, book stores, wedding supply shops and dress stores will have models that you can look at. You might also want to look at craft supply stores in order to find more creative models that you can decorate and personalize to make them truly yours.

There are now templates available online that can be used to print your own pages. Look for a variety of different styles. Graph sheets will be good as they can help you design layouts for receptions or other similar events. Budgeting sheets will help you keep track of your money and can help keep you from overspending.

Once you have chosen your planner and have it set up the way you want you will be amazed at how easy it will be to stay organized. That way, you can concentrate on planning your celebration without having to worry about forgetting a single detail or losing track of a single receipt.

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