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Save Money And Time With A Printable Wedding Planner

By Joyce Bell

A long time ago, wedding ceremonies were predictable and often had little personality in terms of the bridegroom. Although some feel that a formal ceremony should remain the tradition, many couples have changed with the times in terms of presentation. Instead of all white, people like to mix in their favorite colors, or have it based on a theme or personal interests. By using a printable wedding planner to track details, it can help in saving time and money.

Planning comes easier for some people than it does others but if the couple has other obligations, such as work or school, making plans can be a bit much. When it comes to recording details, having a list or two handy can make the difference when making reservations or making a deposit on an important item. Even if the ceremony and reception are simple, having something written down can save a headache.

To get the most out of a planner is to either write down a number or have a theme in mind for the special day and other days that are related to the wedding. Separate sections may be dedicated to the costs of apparel, service fees, space rental, and food. Sometimes planners may double as an idea book for the bridegroom that is seeking inspiration for a theme.

While most have come to rely on bridal magazines, many are finding that reality television shows or streaming videos can be another source of ideas. Merchant websites are another place to collect and print screenshots, as well as request a catalog. Most planners have a section where a scrapbook selections may be added.

Parts of the planner may also be used to create milestones of events leading up to the special day. This also ensures that obligations are met in a timely manner. If not, this can cause the budget to be thrown off. If there are a lot of details, it may be wise to have an alternate supplier that can come through on short notice.

When the budget is being tallied, it is common to keep the ceremony guest list short and encourage more people to attend the reception. Sometimes, formal ceremonies require complete silence, so this may be more convenient for those guests with small children in tow. If the event space has limited parking, planners may be used to create a carpool list for guests.

There are some plus and minus factors that come with using a wedding planning service. Unless the business is new and looking to build a clientele, it may cost a lot of money. Also, their ideas may not work in terms of cost or quality. While some human planners are great at stretching any budget, others may be inclined to implement their vision, which may lead to other issues.

While weddings can be a beautiful event, some may cause a couple to go into debt that may take time to resolve. The best method is to be realistic as to what is needed and keep communication open from the first contact. It also helps to read contracts carefully to ensure that both parties have a mutual understanding of what is to be expected.

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